Wednesday, September 29, 2010


A recent interview with Woody Allen from the LA Times.

Since he's one of my favorite filmmakers, it's always kind of disheartening to read these interviews with him where he sounds like he's not really putting in a whole lot of time or effort these days and just cranking them out. Maybe he's just being self-deprecating, but from the same guy that made "Manhattan", this comes off as pretty uninspiring...

On his one-movie-per-year output:

"You know, a year is a long time," he said. "It takes a few months to write a script, if that, and I don't have big budgets so I film in eight or nine weeks. When you edit on an Avid it goes quickly. I have plenty of time to write and play with my jazz band and go to sporting events and go to movies and play with my kids. It's not a taxing thing."

When asked if his movies might be better if he spent more time on each one:

"They wouldn't be better," Allen said matter-of-factly. "I have thought about that, yes, but they wouldn't be. When I've had time to do something, it doesn't come out better. There's no correlation between the time spent and how it comes out."

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