Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I was in Beijing this past weekend, and couldn't help roaming the streets of Sanlitun in search of pirated "Au Revoir Taipei" DVDs. To my surprise, not only did every hole-in-the-wall DVD store carry them, but I found FOUR different versions - some of which actually had...pretty nice packaging and artwork. What the fuck.

My only consolation I suppose is that they're actually selling pretty well. I also found this back-cover synopsis quite entertaining:

In noodle shop hiring out for the working young boy small triumphant, wants to leave Taibei, goes to Paris to track down the new life, his girlfriend some time ago only then went to Paris, leaves behind him to loaf sadly in the lonely Taibei street corner. Night, he always alone lingers in the bookstore, is turning the French conversation teaching material, wants to go to Paris's him wholeheartedly, has to seek help from oneself noodle shop patron leopard elder brother...

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