Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Strangely enough, seeing my first movie playing in an actual theater with an actual ticket-buying audience was not the moment where I thought, "Cool, I made a movie".

That actual moment came while flying from Taipei to Hong Kong last month (ironically, to do publicity for the film's Hong Kong theatrical release), when I discovered that I could select "Au Revoir Taipei" from the interactive movie menu on Eva Air. It was pretty surreal...being able to watch the movie on a crappy little screen one foot from my face (it was not edited for content, and not formatted to fit the screen, which is kind of cool).

I didn't watch the entire thing on the off-chance that someone might recognize me and think "wow, that asshole is watching his own movie on the airplane".


YMFY said...

Hi, are you going to be back in the Bay Area anytime? I'm a fan of your work, would like to pick your brain at some point if you're up for it.

ABC said...

Not much in the bay area these days, unfortunately...